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Ad Rail USA™ covers escalator handrails with vibrant images that can't be missed, and delivers real ROI. Our non-permanent, removable film is easily applied to the existing handrail using a patented process that improves its look, safety and hygiene.

Available in Convention Centers, Hotels, Stadiums, Arenas, Malls, Airports and Transportation Hubs around the country. Specializing in Branding, Directional, Safety, Naming Rights, Decorative, Public Health, Property Experience and other program opportunities.

Making Escalators Safe & Clean

Proven to be one of the safest and most innovated forms of advertising. Since 2002, Ad Rail™ has been viewed by over an estimated 1 Billion escalator riders worldwide, 200 Million riders in the US, of which 108 million riders were evaluated for safety. We are proud to say escalator handrail graphics are approved by the National ASME A17 Code based on our professional Studies which have shown that there are improvements in passenger safety and escalator awareness resulting from the addition of these handrail graphics.
Please take the time to review our safety credentials.