Ad Rail USA™ covers escalator handrails with vibrant images that enhances public safety. Its non-permanent film is easily applied to the existing handrail using a patented process that improves both its look and hygiene.

Combining Ad Rail™ film’s anti-microbial properties, our pre-installation inspection to make sure the escalator handrails are tracking correctly, we can help educate venues of potential malfunctions and preventative maintenance issues. Therefore, venues value our service as an operational advantage in having healthier equipment as a result. Add to this, using directional and safety messages on handrail graphics to help the riders better gauge the speed, motion and direction of the moving steps, has proven to result in a more natural and safer entry and exit of the escalators.

Escalator handrail graphics have proven to enhance public safety on escalators.

We recently celebrated our 10th year anniversary in July 2018 and have now completed over 3,000+ installs worldwide to date, each and everyone flawlessly, therefore we offer this educational information from experience.


“Thyssenkrupp Elevator was very impressed with the Ad Rail escalator handrail sponsorship at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio TX during the ACAAI show on Nov 4-11th, 2015.

Thyssenkrupp is comfortable and confident enough to allow them to proceed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, we believe Ad Rail contributes to human safety and equipment safety.

Sincerely, Marcos Zapata, Thyssenkrupp Elevator”

“Thanks to you and to Clear Channel Airports for a safe and positive experience with Ad Rail™ at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The Hilton Hampton Inn escalator handrail campaign, which ran on 16 escalators located throughout the terminals from November 17, 2010 through January 17, 2011, was seamless and turnkey for the airport. We received only enthusiastic comments about the Hilton campaign. In addition, the Clear Channel Airports and Ad Rail USA™ program provides O’Hare with an innovative, new opportunity to generate significant additional revenue for Chicago.

I am happy to support future Clear Channel Airports and Ad Rail USA™ campaigns at O’Hare, and would recommend an Ad Rail USA™ escalator handrail advertising program to any municipality, airport, or escalator owner.

Sincerely, Glen Ryniewski, Chicago Department of Aviation Concessions.”

As I’m sure some of you may be aware, escalator handrail graphics are permitted by the national ASME A17 code since 2013. This change to the code was based on several safety studies provided that clearly demonstrated and proved that escalator handrail signs and graphics are enhancing public safety on escalators.

Here are some basic facts:

• Escalator Handrail signs and Graphics are permitted by the national ASME A17 code since 2013.
• Safety studies and perfect track record for over 10+ years proves Ad Rail USA™ enhances public safety on escalators. Escalator handrail graphics have proven to help passengers take a more natural step on and off by using them as a point of reference to better gauge the speed, motion and direction of moving steps.
• Ad Rail™ film includes an antimicrobial property which reduces germs significantly and encourages up to 70% more people to hold onto the handrails.
• Ad Rail™ is approved nationwide by the national ASME A17 code with the exception of adoption of this code by NY and CA. However, we have already installed an 8 month test campaign for Starbucks, and for Land Rover at the NY auto show in 2009 at Jacob Javits Convention Center, including a successful test campaign for TEVA Pharmaceutical in Anaheim, CA. All three campaigns proved to be a big success. Thus, we hope both NY and CA recognize that handrail graphics are in fact enhancing public safety.
• Since 2002 escalator handrail graphics have been seen by close to a billion people worldwide, and 200+ million people in US since 2008
• We are operating in over 250 venues nationwide including the top 20+ convention centers.
• Over 3,000+ installs to date have been completed, each and everyone flawlessly.
• Our patented film material was developed and supplied specifically for escalator handrails only by EHC Global, who also manufacture and supply close to 75% of the escalator handrails being used worldwide.
• Ad Rail™ is working with all major OEM’s for the past 10 years and is approved by: Thyssenkrupp, Otis, KONE and Schindler.

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