5 Reasons to use Escalator Handrail Advertising at your next event

Companies are always looking for the edge on grabbing attention for their brand. Seth Godin’s Purple Cow analogy about being “remarkable” is a great point made about standing out among your competitors, however, you need to be remarkable not only in a way that’s meaningful and impactful to your audience, but it needs results in the form of real ROI.

Escalator Handrail Advertising combines the unique “purple cow” impact together with tangible results. For example, at events like trade shows and conferences, this medium captures all the traffic going into the conference rooms and captures them again on the way out, several times per day. And when the sponsoring brands that are on the handrails include their booth numbers in their creative, the results are directly felt.

This works the same outside of the events world too: For example, Sprint Wireless booked our escalator handrail advertising at a mall promoting a sale on their service by including a directional message that told the rider which way to go once they exited the escalator. Sprint’s store experienced more walk-in customer traffic during the campaign as a result.

Here are 5 impactful benefits to using escalator handrail advertising at your next event or campaign:

1. High Visibility – Each escalator ride delivers an outstanding 30-60 second viewing time, which offers a great way to make a meaningful brand connection with your audience up close and personally.

2. High Frequency – Attendees will see your ad multiple times during the event as they travel from floor to floor.

3. Drive Traffic – Include a directional message on escalator handrails to encourage attendees to visit your booth.

4. Co-Op Opportunities – Feature multiple brands on handrails to segment and reduce your investment cost.

5. Ad Recall – A Publicis Research study found that 85% of escalator riders noticed the ad, and 79% of escalator riders had increased interest in the featured brand or product.

By using escalator handrail advertising your audience can’t miss, and won’t forget your brand presence: