Making Escalators SAFER!

Escalator handrail graphics have proven to enhance public safety on escalators.

One of the most important features of our product that we take pride in, and of which is a paramount subject for us is safety. So you can imagine the passion we have for the AdRail™ product knowing that after 3,500+ installations worldwide, each and everyone flawlessly, and after multiple credible safety studies, our escalator handrail graphics in fact improve safety.

In a world where we are bombarded with distractions, handrail graphics have proven to direct passenger focus to the escalator; improving the frequency of handrail holding and of natural steps both on & off the escalator.

The benefits of simple motion indicators (or any visually noticeable graphics) on handrails have been widely known for decades; they provide better visual cues of speed and direction of travel for escalator passengers, especially for children and the elderly. The dynamic visibility of the handrail graphics result in conveying safety, directional and other information and visual indication to the riding public in a hands-on, tactile and interactive way.

Two Separate Independent Research Studies Found That AdRail™ Reduced Trips and Falls:

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Why is this important?

Because according to major published safety surveys, trips and falls are the number one cause of all escalator accidents.

In 2012, Texas reported that 99.6% of all escalator accidents were trips and falls.

Between 2008 and 2010, a study conducted at Boston Logan International Airport found that escalator trips and falls were the cause of 100% of escalator accidents in a two year period (70% of which occurred for women over 45 years old)

The Same Two Independent Research Studies Found That AdRail™ Increased The Use of Escalator Handrails

• AdRail™ provides a motion indicator effect; increase in natural step on and off
the escalator
• Encourages passengers to hold handrails when clean
• Designs can include safety messages

Research also showed AdRail™ escalator handrail graphics are more effective than safety signage in increasing handrail usage.

The Ad Rail USA™ Special Report evaluated 108 million passengers at Chicago O’Hare airport and an additional study that evaluated 2.6 million kids 5 years and younger on escalator s with handrail graphics installed by Ad Rail USA™  which also took place at O’Hare International Airport, and in 9 U.S. malls with zero accidents.

Code Compliance:

AdRail™ Escalator handrail graphics are permitted by the ASME A-17.1 code nationwide:

“The exceptions in and allow motion indicators, signs, or graphics on escalator handrails.

Professional Studies have shown that there are improvements in passenger safety and escalator awareness resulting from the addition of these signs or graphics.” 

ASME 2013 A17.1 excerpt from Rationale


Combining Ad Rail USA’s special cleaning process, using directional and safety messages on handrail graphics, and having literally millions of escalator passengers experience the handrail graphics for 19 years around the world, it has proven that escalator handrail graphics increase safety!