“Ad Rail USA™ is at the top of my short list of best vendors to work with. For the past two consecutive years, their stellar escalator handrail services were utilized on multiple escalator banks at VMworld US held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. I can testify that their attention to detail and dedication is unsurpassed. Then throw in reliable, integrity, experienced, and a passion to ensure their product is a major success for the companies who purchased the escalator sponsorships. Gianni, Mark, and the Ad Rail USA™ team have never caused me to lose any sleep…a corporate event planner cannot ask for more!”
Lorrie Minor Ridley,
Senior Events Manager, Nth Degree


What is Ad Rail™?

Ad Rail™ is a high quality, patented film applied to existing escalator handrails.

Ad Rail USA™ direct connects brands with their core audience while improving aesthetics and cleanliness. If you want the highest brand recall in advertising, we can help!

Why Ad Rail™?

Ad Rail USA™ covers escalator handrails with vibrant images that can’t be missed, and delivers real ROI. Our non-permanent, removable film is easily applied to the existing handrail using a patented process that improves its look, safety and hygiene.

More effective than those overhead banners!

NO ONE IS LOOKING UP ANYMORE!!!  It’s almost 2020, most attendees conduct business and stay in touch with their smartphones, or in conversation as they ride! They are not looking up anymore, but they can’t miss your campaign on the rail as they grab it when they step on the escalator! Add an average of 24 repeated impressions of your brand per rail, plus the long duration of the escalator ride, you have branding and advertising GOLD!

An often misunderstood fact: the combined square footage of printing for one average length escalator (two rails) is as much or sometimes more than that of the large banners, runners, and side wraps that can be found in the same area.

New revenue stream for your venue or event

Add a powerful and dynamic new medium to your sponsorship packages that will create a new revenue stream opportunity for your venue or event!

High Visibility – Each escalator ride delivers an outstanding 30-60 second viewing time, which offers a great way to make a meaningful brand connection with your audience up close and personally.
High Frequency – Attendees will see your ad multiple times during the event as they travel from floor to floor.
Drive Traffic – Include a directional message on escalator handrails to encourage attendees to visit your booth.
Co-Op Opportunities – Feature multiple brands on handrails.

A Turnkey Solution

Ad Rail USA™ covers all phases of escalator handrail advertising in its entirety, from procurement of space to campaign fulfillment:
• Advertising Sales
• Procurement of advertising space
• Design services
• Printing and production management
• Campaign installment and removal

Dominate your branding opportunities

In addition to our Ad Rail™ Escalator Handrail product, all sponsorship branding opportunities at your venue or event such as the wall banners, kiosks, and other branded items pair perfectly to create a complete brand domination experience. We can provide all of these mediums as an inclusive package depending on your event. Contact us today to discuss how we can maximize your brand exposure at your next event.

Creative Solutions

Did you know Ad Rail USA™ has a full service in-house creative department with highly experienced designers? Not only can we design you the coolest escalator handrail campaign, we can create, design and produce a full immersive experience including all sorts of exciting out-of-the box ideas to maximize your brand exposure at your next event.


Available in Convention Centers, Hotels, Stadiums, Arenas, Malls, Airports and Transportation Hubs around the country. Specializing in Branding, Directional, Safety, Naming Rights, Decorative, Public Health, Property Experience and other program opportunities.




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