Safety & Installation

Ad Rail USA™ is ahead of the curve

Not only is this cutting edge medium supercharged by the highest brand recall in advertising, but we are making escalators safer and cleaner. We thoroughly inspect each escalator prior to a campaign to ensure they are in perfect working condition before installation, and thoroughly clean them with an eco-safe cleaning agent formulated specifically for cleaning escalator handrails.

Safe & Reliable

Escalator handrail advertising has been safely installed for over 3,000 installations worldwide. Our installation teams are leaders in escalator maintenance and comply with the latest technical standards.

We deliver what matters most: safety, reliable service and effective advertising.

A cleaner, healthier handrail

Ad Rail™ film includes an antimicrobial property which reduces the spread of germs significantly, and the clean appearance encourages up to 70% more people to hold on to the handrail. Ad Rail™ escalator handrail advertising also increases safety by helping escalator riders take a more natural step on and off the escalator by being able to better gauge the speed, motion and direction with handrail graphics vs black handrails.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ad Rail™?
Ad Rail™ is a patented film for advertising on escalator handrails. Ad Rail™ film is easily and safely applied to the existing escalator handrail using our patented applicator system.

Ad Rail™ technology was developed and patented worldwide by EHC Global (our licensor), the world’s leading escalator handrail manufacturer and provider.

What is the installation and removal process for Ad Rail™ film?
Our process is non-permanent and will not damage the handrail. Installation can be done anytime and takes approximately one hour per escalator to install and a half hour to remove using our patented applicator system. No special tools are required for film removal. The installation and removal process are quick with no messy clean up.

Have you ever damaged a handrail?
No. We’ve actually completed over 3000+ installs worldwide without a single incident. Ad Rail™ film will not disengage from the escalator handrail under any circumstances.

Do you guarantee your product?
Yes. We guarantee our film will not damage a handrail or interfere with the operations of your escalator in any way. In fact, handrails will be cleaner after our product is used – guaranteed.

Will Ad Rail™ film damage my handrails?
No. Ad Rail™ film is applied to the handrails with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is not permanent and will not damage the handrail. A trained technician can easily apply and remove Ad Rail™ film.

Is Ad Rail™ approved?
Yes, Ad Rail™ is approved by all major OEM’s/Escalator maintenance agencies and has been installed in all types of venues.

Is Ad Rail™ film safe?
Yes, Ad Rail™ improves safety by helping passengers gauge the speed, motion and direction of the escalator, using the handrail advertisements as a point of reference resulting in a more natural step on and off.

Can Ad Rail™ film be used on any escalator or moving walkway?
Yes, Ad Rail™ film can be applied to any handrail, escalator or moving walkway in convention centers, hotels, stadiums, airports and transit hubs, malls and anywhere else there are escalators.

How long does Ad Rail™ film last?
Our anti-microbial film is guaranteed up to 4 weeks, however, our film is designed to last up to 8 weeks depending on the location.

Can Ad Rail™ be applied to any type or style handrail?
Yes. Ad Rail™ can be applied to all variations of handrails.

Who installs your product?
We use EHC certified installers nationwide and can also work directly with escalator maintenance agencies as required.

What is TüV certification?
Ad Rail™ holds TüV certification and does not hinder the operation of escalators or moving walks. TüV documents safety and quality of new products around the world.

Are there any other benefits?
Yes, our advertising film has an antimicrobial property making it much safer for passengers and the clean appearance encourages 70% more passengers to hold on to the handrail.

Exclusive U.S. Partner of EHC Global
EHC Global is the worlds leading escalator handrail manufacturer and provider. Its commitment to quality and safety in unparalleled with more than 180 handrail specifications and 20 service locations worldwide. Ad Rail USA is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Ad Rail escalator handrail advertising in the United States, Caribbean and select markets worldwide.

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