Ad Rail USA™ is proven to improve public safety on escalators.

Why Ad Rail USA?

• Industry standard porous rubber escalator handrails are classified the 3rd dirtiest public surface, of which many germs had been found on handrails. Ad Rail™ Film acts as a barrier between the rider and those germs!

• Ad Rail™ can work with existing UV installed equipment with no system interference. In tandem will provide double protection on escalator handrails.

• Two separate independent research studies found that the visual of our film reduced trips and falls, encouraging 70% more people hold rails

• Prescribed scheduled cleaning frequency, including testing and monitoring, using handrail certified cleaning solutions double-protects your riders

Proven Safety

Since 2002, Ad Rail™ has been viewed by over an estimated 1 Billion escalator riders worldwide, 200 Million riders in the US since 2008, of which 108 million riders were evaluated for safety. Ad Rail has been installed worldwide with over 3500+ flawless installations.

Escalator handrail graphics are approved by the National ASME A17.1 Code. Based on multiple professional studies, Ad Rail USA™ has shown to increase escalator awareness and improve passenger safety, with the addition of graphics on escalator handrails.

Ad Rail™ is TUV certified, and completed an additional Ad Rail USA™ Escalator Handrail Media safety study to receive a Certificate of Conformance from LiftInstituut.

Why Graphics Reduce Accidents:

Ad Rail™ Escalator Handrail Media can be printed with graphics (advertising, branding, social distance markers & safety messages, etc) that have proven to provide a safer ride for escalator riders:

A cleaner, healthier handrail

Ad Rail USA Safety Uses:

  • Advertising and Branding of safety messages and brands
  • Public Hygiene messaging
  • Social Distancing reminders
  • Public service announcements


“Draka EHC is pleased to see the continued growth and success of Ad Rail USA as this represents a great step forward in improved escalator safety! Ad Rail™ is the only removable handrail graphic product that has been tested and approved by Draka EHC for use in combination with both our thermoplastic NT and conventional rubber handrail products.”

~ Patrick Bothwell, Draka EHC / Prysmian Group

“Thyssenkrupp Elevator was very impressed with the Ad Rail escalator handrail sponsorship at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio TX during the ACAAI show on Nov 4-11th, 2015. Thyssenkrupp is comfortable and confident enough to allow them to proceed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, we believe Ad Rail contributes to human safety and equipment safety.”

~Marcos Zapata, Thyssenkrupp Elevator

“Thanks to you and to Clear Channel Airports for a safe and positive experience with Ad Rail™ at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The Hilton Hampton Inn escalator handrail campaign, which ran on 16 escalators located throughout the terminals from November 17, 2010 through January 17, 2011, was seamless and turnkey for the airport. We received only enthusiastic comments about the Hilton campaign. In addition, the Clear Channel Airports and Ad Rail USA™ program provides O’Hare with an innovative, new opportunity to generate significant additional revenue for Chicago. I am happy to support future Clear Channel Airports and Ad Rail USA™ campaigns at O’Hare, and would recommend an Ad Rail USA™ escalator handrail advertising program to any municipality, airport, or escalator owner.”

~ Glen Ryniewski, Chicago Department of Aviation Concessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ad Rail™?
Ad Rail™ is a patented film for advertising on escalator handrails. Ad Rail™ film is easily and safely applied to the existing escalator handrail using our patented applicator system.

Ad Rail™ technology was developed and patented worldwide by EHC Global, the world’s leading escalator handrail manufacturer and provider.

Is Ad Rail™ considered an “alteration” or modification?
No. Ad Rail™ is a temporary film application that is applied to the existing black rubber handrail, and does not change, obstruct or modify the permanent structure in any way.

What is the installation and removal process for Ad Rail™ film?
Our process is non-permanent and will not damage the handrail. Installation can be done anytime and takes approximately one hour per escalator to install and a half hour to remove using our patented applicator system. No special tools are required for film removal. The installation and removal process are quick with no messy clean up.

Do you guarantee your product?
Yes. We guarantee our film will not damage a handrail or interfere with the operations of your escalator in any way. In fact, handrails will be cleaner after our product is used – guaranteed.

Will Ad Rail™ film damage my handrails?
No. Ad Rail™ film is applied to the handrails with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is not permanent and will not damage the handrail. A trained technician can easily apply and remove Ad Rail™ film. There have been over 3500+ installs worldwide without a single incident.

Is Ad Rail™ approved?
Yes, Ad Rail™ is approved by the national ASME A17.1 code, and all major OEM’s/Escalator maintenance agencies and has been installed in all types of high profile venues.

Is Ad Rail™ film safe?
Yes, Ad Rail™ improves safety by helping passengers gauge the speed, motion and direction of the escalator, using the handrail advertisements as a point of reference resulting in a more natural step on and off.

Can Ad Rail™ film be used on any escalator or moving walkway?
Yes, Ad Rail™ film can be applied to any handrail, escalator or moving walkway in convention centers, hotels, stadiums, airports and transit hubs, malls and anywhere else there are escalators.

What is TüV certification?
Ad Rail™ holds TüV certification and does not hinder the operation of escalators or moving walks. TüV documents safety and quality of new products around the world.

Are there any other benefits?
Yes, provides a germ barrier making it much safer for passengers and the clean appearance encourages 70% more passengers to hold on to the handrail, thus reducing trips and falls.

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