Proven Facts:

🔸 In the 1920’s using dots proved adding graphics helps passengers judge speed     & direction resulting in a more natural step on and off the escalator.

🔸 A TÜV study on Ad Rail™ in 2003 proved that when touching the smooth coated surface, passengers felt it to be “clean”, of which encouraged the passengers to hold on more when riding the escalator.

🔸 Several major safety studies prove the reduction of trips and falls resulting in Ad Rail™ ASME A17.1 national code approval in 2013.

 🔸 In a year long study at Chicago O’Hare Airport, over 90 million people rode on escalators with Ad Rail™ film with zero accidents or equipment shutdowns documented. This study proved that 70% more people held on to the handrail, also determining that 83% had more natural step on, and 94% had more natural step off.

🔸 In 2019 the global certification agency Liftinstituut’s month-long study concluded that because of the Ad Rail™ graphics the passengers were not distracted, took a safer step on and off, and held on to the handrails more frequently, awarding Ad Rail USA their Certificate of Conformance.

🔸 A study conducted by Kimberly-Clark for Men’s Health Magazine rated escalator handrails as the “3rd dirtiest public surface”. Our germ-repelling film encourages more people to hold on to the handrail, thus reducing falls.

If you are a facility manager at a venue that has escalators then look in the mirror right now and ask yourself why after 15 years of us putting this vital information out to the public, you’re not taking this seriously yet. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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