How to use QR codes to boost your Ad Rail™ campaign:

QR Codes can be used in many application modes beyond just pointing the viewer to your website, and, can boost the functionality of your Ad Rail™ campaign. A QR code can activate document files (like PDF’s), media, contact cards, and more. QR codes can also be customized by using color and brandmarks to match the design of your Ad Rail™ creative.

Below is a list of the many creative ways you can use QR codes:

• Direct the viewer to web/social media
• Point to calendar entry
• Have it pull up a coupon
• Scan for digital business card
• Details for your event
• Viewer scans to “Like” your account on social media
• Event attendees share moments on social media
• Direct viewer to eCommerce product purchase

• Sales promotions
• Pull up PDF of your product info, brochure, etc
• Pull up audio MP3 of presentation, seminar, etc
• Pull up YouTube,Vimeo video
• Have the viewer see a gallery of images
• Direct viewer to an online order form or contact form
• Direct viewer to email subscription portal