After extensive scientific and legal review, AdRail USA is proud to announce that we have been awarded the GBAC Registered Seal for our Safe 2 Touch program, addressing germ prevention on the third dirtiest surface in a public facility. Our team is hyper-focused on solving the 120 year problem of not only rider safety, but also infectious disease on escalators nationwide. The GBAC Advisory Council Scientific Board has assessed the program for scientific validity, usability, practicality, safety, and efficacy.

“The Ad Rail USA Safe 2 Touch program is unique compared to some of our traditional GBAC Registered Programs. In working with the Ad Rail Team, we have learned a lot about properly maintained, and importantly for the GBAC Registered Program, how to properly clean and disinfect escalator handrails. Cleaning and disinfecting continue to be top of mind for everyone, and awarding the GBAC STAR Registered Seal to Ad Rail USA is another step toward protecting human health. The well-known public reluctance to hold on to escalator handrails due to the obvious germ factor, has resulted in an increased risk of injury and liability for public facilities. Facilities utilizing the Safe 2 Touch program can reassure visitors of their commitment to protecting everyone’s health and safety.”
~ GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger.

Ad Rail USA Safe2Touch Program can be supported by Branding, Advertising, and Foundational / Event Sponsorships which provides brands with a high ROI impact while making your facility or event Safer & Cleaner.

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