Ad Rail™ Escalator Handrail Media
Exclusive To 40,000 Escalators Nationwide

    • Ad Rail™ is a patented film technology easily applied to existing escalator handrails, developed over 20 years ago by the largest escalator manufacturer in the world.
    • Ad Rail™ is approved by the ASME National Codes Committee as the exclusive approved media allowed on all escalators.
    • Ad Rail™ encourages up to 70% more people to hold on to the handrail and proven to reduce trips and falls, increasing safety for the public and minimizing liability for facilities.
    • Ad Rail™ film performs well with all escalator UV light systems.
    • Ad Rail USA has been awarded the GBAC Star Registered Seal for
    increasing safety on escalators.
    • Ad Rail USA has a perfect safety record of ZERO accidents or equipment malfunctions in North America.
    • Ad Rail™ media has been used by top national brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, MasterCard, GlaxoSmithKline, Panasonic, Sprint, and IBM just to name a few.

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